Annual Conference Handouts

Aimée Bissonnette - Bibliography

Johnnie Blunt - Listen, Understand, Respond Handout

Danielle DeFauw - Students Use RRLC To Avoid Plagiarism

Danielle DeFauw - Resources for MI Young Authors

Danielle DeFauw - Using Authentic Writing Contests to Prepare Third Graders For High School

Danielle DeFauw - Writing With Parents

Danielle DeFauw - 10 Writing Opportunities to Teach the Test

Sharroky Hollie - Culturally Responsive Literacy

Sharroky Hollie - Six Ways To Know If You Are Culturally Responsive

Karen Koets - Read and Ride Roundup

Liz Leach - Rock, Rattle, and Write

Mary Myers - Foundational Reading Skills: Standards Tell Us What - Research Tells Us How

Linda McLean - Education Programs

Linda McLean - Elephant Venn

Linda McLean - Save the Elephants Booklet

Linda McLean - 10 Ideas

Linda McLean - Acrostic Poem

Linda McLean - Crossword

Patty O'Brien Novak - Driving Full STEAM Ahead

Amy Posey - Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Brochure

Amy Posey - Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Supporting Literacy Alignment

Dr. Mike Schmoker - Keynote

Robin Wilson - Culturally Responsive Approaches to Foreign Language Immersion in an Urban Context