Dr. Kim N. Parker Seeks Books for Black Boys and POC

As we look ahead to spring, MRA is moving its annual conference online during the weekend of March 12 to 14, 2021. One of our featured speakers is Dr. Kim N. Parker, who currently works with preservice teachers as Assistant Director of Teacher Training at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge MA.

Register here via the Whova platform.

Kim taught English in public schools for 17 years, and served on several committees for NCTE. She is a column editor for the Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.

As a Heinemann Fellow (2016-2018) she documented her successful work de-tracking her ELA classroom for students of color.

Her continuing scholarship explores the literary lives of Black youth, particularly those of Black boys. Check out her work in #Blackboylit, #DisruptTexts and #31DaysIBPOC.

Dr, Parker has a book due to be published in 2021. It’s about how to do the work of creating culturally intentional literacy communities for Black and IPOC youth.

Dr. Parker can be found at drkimparker.org and on Twitter @ TchKimPossible.

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