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The Michigan Reading Association has set aside funds to support Michigan literacy events, activities, and projects. Each annual grant award may range from $50 to $500. Organizations may apply for more than one grant but all applications may not be awarded money. Due to limited funds, some grants may not receive full funding.

Grant Requirements

All grants require that the event, activity, or project is open to an audience across the region, not a single district or building. That is, grant projects must be open to participants of more than one school district.

Grant applications must include:

  • a rationale, including data (qualitative and/or quantitative) to justify the goal(s), topic, and design of the project;
  • a detailed description of the project, including expected outcomes;
  • a projected budget, including actual estimates when possible;
  • the target audience, including numbers, expected;
  • an evaluation plan; and
  • contact information for the member responsible for the grant project.

Projects must be completed between the application and evaluation dates. Councils should not start a project until they know they’ve received funding, but it should be complete before the report is due – June 1, 2021.

Grant Submission and Acceptance

  • Applications are open September 28 thru October 25, 2020. Grant proposals will be evaluated using this rubric.
  • Applicants will receive a completed rubric with the grant award notification (or rejection) by November 9.

Grant Follow-Up

A written evaluation of each awarded grant must be submitted to by June 1, 2021. Failure to submit a complete evaluation will disqualify the organization, group, or individual from receiving a grant award the following year. Evaluations will be submitted electronically, but will include:

  • all expenses (which must be supported by itemized receipts);
  • a final and complete budget;
  • evaluations from participants/target audience (at least 3);
  • a sign-in sheet (if appropriate for the project/event);
  • pictures of the event, activity, or project (at least 3); and
  • a written summary or reflection.

Any unused grant money must be returned to MRA by June 1.

Grant Categories

Please visit the following pages for more information about each of the following grant categories:

Application Form

The grant application is now closed.