Pernille Ripp Seeks Passionate Readers at MRA 2021

As we look ahead to spring, MRA is moving its annual conference online during the weekend of March 12 to 14, 2021. One of our featured speakers is author and educator Pernille Ripp.

Since Pernille Ripp was a child growing up in Denmark, she knew she wanted to work with kids. She began her journey in education as a math resource teacher, then transitioned into the classroom as a 4th and 5th-grade teacher, and has now found her home as a 7th-grade English teacher in Oregon, Wisconsin.

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Pernille is a speaker, author, blogger, mom, and passionate advocate for education. She’s an award-winning speaker in literacy and technology integration, and dedicates her life efforts to uplifting engaged and empowered students.

Pernille is the author of Passionate Readers, Passionate Learners, Empowered Schools, Empowered Students and Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration.

She is also the founder of The Global Read Aloud that has connected millions of students in more than 85 countries. Pernille’s books and blogs are sources of tremendous inspiration and insight for teachers, parents, and educators around the world.  She believes in having the courage to change and even break the rules for the good of kids and education.

Besides being with her own family, there is no place she would rather be every day than in the classroom, teaching her awesome students. Pernille is online at and on Twitter @pernilleripp

Enjoy this short video where Pernille describes the Global Read Aloud initiative.

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